This is a one-month WordPress bootcamp for women in Jos Plateau State who are interested in learning to build stunning websites. You will get the best from this bootcamp if you will like to start a website design company of your own.


The bootcamp requires all participants to commit 9hours split into three (3) days a week for active learning and submission of weekly tasks. You will complete this bootcamp with a capstone project to showoff your new skills.


The bootcamp is practical and fully immersive and would require participants to have a laptop.


In this Bootcamp you will learn how to use wordpress to design websites for Organizations, Companies and for just anyone.


This bootcamp offers you


  • Lifetime access to the complete wordpress tutorial for absolute beginners at the University of Oshodi


  • Access to premium wordpress templates and plugins


  • Mentorship





The bootcamp also fosters networking among participants with intent for them to leverage on each other’s strengths to advance their careers.