Consultancy on Gender Equity in The Next Economy Program

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In line with global development and entrepreneurship trends – gender has become a focal area of targeted intervention and attention. Where inequalities between men and women exist, it is generally women who have less access to and control over resources, opportunities and decision making.

In the first 4 years of TNE, we found that TNE provides equality of opportunity but does not lead to equality of outcomes. Specifically: young women, though nearly equal at entry, do not complete the program at the same level as men. This is a complex issue that deals with both culture and program, therefore it requires an approach that manages to be both contextual but also structural.
The Assignment

This ToR outlines an assignment that is part of the mandatory ´Raising the Bar´ component. This assignment is meant to support both the local hub, Black Innovations Africa, and the local SOS office and to provide them with a stronger understanding on gender equity.


The objectives of this assignment are:

  • Understand the local considerations, hurdles and needs of female participants in the TNE program
  • Uncover (implicit) gender biases of the local Hub(s) and SOS offices
  • Support the Hub(s) and SOS offices to understand the tools and best practices in gender equity.
  • Suggest equity improvements in the TNE program.



Submission Process

If you are interested to apply as a consultant for this assignment, please write up a proposal that includes:

  • An introduction to your organization/person
  • Your experience with gender equity, youth employment and entrepreneurship, doing research, providing trainings
  • Your workplan for the activities and deliverables described in this document
  • Your budget breakdown

Please send your signed submission as an attachment to an email to

Send all your questions to – The deadline for questions about this assignment is 16th October 2020

The deadline for submission is 30th October 2020.



DOWNLOAD THE ToR Gender Consultancy HERE